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As much fun as we had producing and selling our first album Finding Space, and the work that we put in to ensure its eco credentials we’ve decided that we should focus on digital download and instant delivery via the web.

Our debut album “Finding Space” launched on Earth Day and we did everything we could to make it an eco friendly release, ensuring the use of recycled and ethically sourced materials throughout. We limited the amount of paper used by not producing a printed booklet, and in keeping with our desires to preserve the environment and ecology of this planet we live on but often forget to care for, we chose a DigiFile format which avoids the use of any plastic prevalent in jewel cases used by most CDs released.

Now we want to offer a new way of paying so we have introduced NAME YOUR PRICE.

This means anyone who wants to buy Finding Space in MP3 format can choose how much they want to pay – cool huh? We have issued a guide price of £4.99, but you can choose any amount from £0.99 so you could download the entire 13 track album for just 99p if you wanted.

We had to set a minimum of 99p just to ensure we cover the micro transaction cost from PayPal, but I’m sure you will agree, this album is worth much more than that.

Anyhow, as we keep saying, it’s all about the music. We want to get our songs heard by as many people as possible so, if you choose to pay for our album, thanks, but don’t be stingy – share it with your friends, it’s not copyright theft, it’s a gift of music!

We hope you like the idea and rush out to get your copy from our webstore now.
Name Your Price now!

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